Wednesday, October 28, 2009

have you ever read the women seeking men personals ads? (i know.. what am i doing there in the first place right? we'll get to that in a bit.) why is it every w4m is a bbw(big beautiful woman)?... i must have read at least 10 different ads all started out something like "curvy gal looking for..." or "thick" or "lots of me to love" craigslist should re-name it's personals section to fat people seeking fat people <3 <3 <3

the reality of the situation is... here in Vancouver somewhere between 80 to 90 percent of eligible females are 100% fuck-ing-in-sane. something about the proximity of the mountains and the sea does something radically diabolical to their menstrual cycles.
as if the female psyche isn't riddled with enough mild forms of autism as it is. now we have to deal with a genetically modified strain of bitch. greeeeat.
don't get me wrong i'm not a misogynist. if i were in fact a misogynist would i be searching for a girlfriend? albeit a feeble attempts but an attempt just the same. let it be known that i'll be the first to tell you men are stupid creatures of anatomy. it is women that are the crazy ones with no control over emotions and pms.. pms is like this secret day of the month when a girl can literally kill someone and get away with it. so long as her "special friend" stays a secret she could very well blame any outburst of idiocy on "that time of the month." this is why this blog is dedicated to the xx chromosomes out there. it is no longer the man to be judged but YOU. YOU are on trial you crazy egg hatchery and if you don't like it go read your damned cosmo and watch ellen.

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